Our Big Year End Draw

Every single online purchase from our e-store or every online service booking is a ballot for a chance to win our big year end draw prize. The more you use our website for purchases, the more chances you have to win!

Next year could be on us if your name is drawn at the end of the year. You have the choice of either a full season water treatment package for your pool or your hot tub!

Pool Package Includes:

  • BioGuard Pool Complete Weekly 3L (x1)
  • BioGuard Smart Shock Box 400g bags x12 (x1)
  • BioGuard Basic Tabs 7kg (x1)
  • BioGuard Banish Algaecide 946ml (x2)
  • BioGuard Balance Pak 200 3.25kg (x1)
  • BioGuard Lo N Slo 4.5kg (x1)
  • BioGuard Pool Filter Brite 250g (x2)
  • Free Water Testing


Hot Tub Package Includes:

  • SpaGuard Bromine Tablets 2kg (x1) OR SpaGuard Smart Tabs 2kg (x1)
  • SpaGuard Spa Lite 35g Bag (x26)
  • SpaGuard Stain & Scale Control 473mL (x2)
  • SpaGuard Balance Pak 100 1kg (x1)
  • SpaGuard Balance Pak 200 1kg (x1)
  • SpaGuard Balance Pak 300 750g (x1)
  • SpaGuard Lo N Slo 1.25kg (x1)
  • Free Water Testing